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  • The way we look at the world of beauty: another perspective
The Beauty Side Of Science. The beauty of today, tomorrow's solutions
Beauty, Youth, Rejuvenation. There is the answer of today's market, traditional: immediate solutions, the temporary result. But there is another point of view: the Biological Effect. Starting from the body and its path - from Physics, Chemistry, Biology - to guarantee Beauty, Health and Wellness today with tomorrow's solutions.
  • What we believe
Authenticity, Reliability, Friendship, Vanguard: Our Ethics in four words. Yesterday and today, for a tomorrow together
  • Cerri Italy: the story of a successful Made in Italy worldwide. Since over 60 years for the next 60 (and more) together
  • You, not mere «customers» but Partner: the real strength of Cerri Italy
We’re waiting for your history, your witness. The most beautiful ones will be posted here and on our Social Media Channels.

«The market for beauty and rejuvenation is constantly expanding. Thanks to Cerri Italy I can support the skin where it shows its shortcomings».

«With this new technology I can guarantee immediate results, as my clients want, but durable. It doesn’t weigh on the wallet and I use it… on me too!»

«I already work on restoring beauty to my patients through their smile, I can not overlook the value of an appealing look, a radiant face. This also applies to men».

«I use a lot the Oxyled method, a self-treatment based on oxygen and LED mask, which does not provide for a beautician or a license. And the results are amazing».

«When I see that my beauty center is using the cosmeceutical Cerri Italy, when I hear even my doctor recommended me... I have no more doubts. It is worth put on another, even "on the other" point of view!».
Francesca Costanzi
  • Some of our products: not machines but treatment methodologies

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Beauty is in the mix in right proportions of the finite and the infinite (Plato)
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