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A-Wave Remodelling

The Energy Wave tones, remodels and reduces cellulite
Remodeling A-Wave is a new Body Treatment with Acoustic Wave Remodeling. Do you want to know its value? Let's hear from the direct advice of experts.

The dermatologist

«Effective on fat deposits, cellulite and sagging skin»
How A-Wave Remodeling acts
«A-Wave Remodeling applies the patting massage method, in Onda Acoustics, particularly active in countering the most common bodily imperfections such as cellulite, accumulation of fluid, tissue relaxation and small fat deposits. The spread of this form of energy occurs according to the physical characteristics of the transmission rules, reflection and absorption and is therefore closely linked to the values of density and impedance of the different tissues (skin, fat, muscle, water). The Acoustic Wave is by definition non-invasive and easily penetrates the skin respecting the subject matter. From a biological standpoint, the massage with Acoustic Wave Remodeling works by stimulating activation of the natural processes of tissue repair».
Collagen, connective tissue and cellulite unaesthetic signs.
«The action of patting massage acoustic wave produces positive effects mechanical, thermal and chemical at the tissue level, of collagen and of cellulite. It facilitated the circulation, favored the production of collagen and returned a good tone to the skin. We are witnessing a considerable attenuation of the phenomenon of "mattress skin or orange peel 'skin with improved firmness. Rebalancing water, fat loss and remodeling".
The dynamics generated by the treatment A-Wave Remodeling.
They tend to improve the drainage of excess liquid with water rebalancing, reduction of the circumferences and a natural reduction of localized adiposity, thus developing a general reshaping of the treated areas effect».

The biomedical engineer

«How we designed A-Wave Remodeling»
The Acoustic Wave Remodeling Radial
«The patting massage with Acoustic Wave is characterized by repeated pressure pulses, with very short rise times and duration, issued in adjustable flows for intensity and frequency. These pulses generate direct mechanical energy with the main objective of transferring dynamism to the tissues to stimulate the natural reparative processes. A-Wave Remodeling was designed to produce a massage to wave of the radial type Acoustics, ideal for the treatment of bodily imperfections such as fat deposits, cellulite and sagging skin» .
The handpiece A-Wave Remodeling

«The generation of Acoustic Waves radial takes place through the use of the handpiece A-Wave Remodeling . Within this handpiece is a metallic body (bullet) which is pushed violently, in a controlled manner, against a plate (cap). Every time that the metal plate is struck by the bullet originates an acoustic wave that expands in a radial manner in tissues. The energy that controls the movement of the projectile is the compressed air produced by a pneumatic compressor. The essential components of the handpiece A-Wave Remodeling (cane, projectile, plate) are made of special metal alloys capable of withstanding a large number of shots (about 1,000,000 / 1,500,000 of strokes)» .
Frequency, intensity and transduction

«You can customize the flow of Acoustic Waves, by setting the parameters frequency, intensity and transduction system. The frequency is adjustable from 1 to 20 Hz per second while the intensity is set to the maximum value of 5 bar. A-Wave Remodeling is equipped with 3 transducers, with different sizes (9, 16 and 38 mm), so as to optimize the application as a function of the objectives and areas to be treated» .
Ease of replacement of the propellant chamber

«In designing this technology we paid particular attention to the substitution mode of the firing chamber (barrel, projectile and plate). The propellant chamber is a component subject to wear and must be replaced periodically depending on the use (approximately every 1,000,000 / 1,500,000 of strokes). The replacement procedure is very simple and is performed directly by the operator in the maximum time of 5 minutes».

Marketing Specialist

«In search of beauty and harmony»
Treatments reshaping the body, a growing market.
«The non-invasive aesthetics industry is indisputably the most booming market in Italy; an inexhaustible reality despite the crisis, with an estimated turnover of € 18.2 billion a year (ISTAT data)».
Deposits of fat, cellulite and sagging skin
«The harmony of the figure of a body and the resulting beauty of the skin in terms of elasticity and tone is a very important topic to be addressed adequately and in a professional manner. Having a fit body and is not formless a constant demand of the market, not only before the summer in view of the so-called "dress rehearsal", but during the whole year to feel good and adequate in facing life everyday . The Pursuit of Beauty and Harmony puts consumers in a state of alert that causes them to seek the best solutions and most efficient».
Consumers are looking for targeted solutions
«Consumers have clear ideas. Do not take more traditional body treatments palliatives: they are looking for innovative solutions, effective and targeted to mitigate bodily imperfections in a very powerful way. Consumers are well informed on the major social channels it is spread that the new patting massage technique, to wave acoustics, is particularly active in countering the body imperfections such as cellulite, accumulation of fluid, tissue relaxation and small fat deposits. Be prepared to meet this market demand represents a major opportunity for growth and profit».
Advantages Acoustic Wave
• Methodical innovative and very effective • Improvements apparent after a few applications • Rapid and comfortable seating • Ease of use • Economically sustainable costs • Maintaining results over time
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