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Lightsystem Laserwave

Laser efficacy, the pleasure of a smooth skin. Laser Multidiode 808 nm for Professional Hair-removal. New Technology by 6 unfocused Laser Bars.


«Epidermic and biological features»
Hair-removal method Lightsystem Laserwave is based on transformation of light into heat (selective photothermolysis). Laser energy is absorbed by hair frame and tissues and is changed into heat, increasing so follicles temperature. When temperature is high enough, you get a damage to follicle frame which reverts after some time, thanks to natural physiologic processes, reaching the target of progressive hair removal.
The target
The target of laser light is the melanin, a polymer produced by melanocytes and used by organism as a pigment. The term“selective photothermolysis” derives from the fact that 808 nanometres laser light is harmless to skin and its structures, but is se- lectively absorbed by hair follicle rich of melanin. The follicles in anagen step have the largest amount of melanin and can absorb clear energy coming from the laser. Laser energy damages hair follicle and alters their consistent ability to develop other ones. By the time the hair will fall outwards and the growth will be slowed up until the progressive disappearance.
The chromophores
Coloured substances absorbing light are called chromophores. The main chromophores in the skin are melanin, hemoglobin (oxyhemoglobin) and water. Each chromophore has a different absorption according to light wavelength. According to the interval of wavelengths used is therefore possible to hit a target instead of another. The chromophore, absorbing light, heats up and transmits heat to sur- rounding tissues. Laser emission of Lightsystem Laserwave employs an emission spectrum concerning mainly the melanin chromophore; and also, in a smaller measure, the Oxyhemoglobin.

Biomedical Engineer

«Technical and scientific features»
The laser
Laser is a device able to issue a bundle of consistent, monochromatic light, concentrated in a very coincident straight ray. The brilliance of laser sources is very high and allows concentrating a great power in a very small area. As the initials themselves tell (LASER ➝Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), laser radiation comes from a process of stimulated emission.
Coherent light
Coherence is intended as the property of an electro- magnetic wave to keep some relation with itself during its propagation.
This phenomenon occurs for the capacity of active material to filter only one wavelength, so a unique colour in the light spectrum.
Stimulated Emission
Through an active (solid, gaseous or semiconductor) material, electrons are excited until producing a very intense light bundle.
Laser Diode
It is a semiconductor able to excite electrons (electric power), until changing them into photons (light energy) with a 808 nm coherent wave length. Lightsystem Laserwave employs a powerful diodic technology, perfectly cooled for an optimum release of laser energy. At technical level, the best the market can offer.
808 Nanometres
Ideal wave length for hair-removal treatments. Action ray of perfect deepness, easily penetrating into skin, absorbed by the melanin of hair follicles.
Greatest Customization
Right and adjusted release of energy with variable flow up to 40J/cm2, impulse duration 10 to 300 ms. with possibility to separate the spots until 3 micro spots and to employ multispots mode. The best customization for each kind of hair and skin.
Measure of Optimum Spot
Large dimension of the spot (16x16 mm) and repetition frequency up to 12 impulses per second.
Handle with cooled surface for the best application comfort.
Memory Card
System of data filing and client’s protocol.

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«Analysis of market and users»
A growing market
The sector of non-invasive beauty treatments is indisputably the more expanding market in Europe; an unlimited reality in countertendency in comparison to the “Crisis”. Only in Italy, the valued business turnover is of 18,2 milliards euros a year (data Istat).
Professional hair-removal
The request for professional hair-removal treatments is nowadays widely developing. The request of complete treatments on large dimensions areas (legs, back, shoulders Total Body) is growing as well as the demand of special services on small dimensions delicate areas (face, inguen, armpits). This trend concerns both segments (female and male) of market.
End users ask for laser
End users have clear ideas. They do not ask for plain air-removal treatments, they prevalently ask for treatments of Laser Hair-removal. To be ready for fulfilling this request represents a great chance for growth and profit.
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