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Oxylab Vantage

Hyperbaric oxygenation: the effectiveness of cutaneous stimulation with 95% pure oxygen

The Oxylab Vantage method combines the most advanced technologies to offer a unique tissue-rejuvenating treatment with outstanding effectiveness.

The exclusive application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, with 95% pure oxygen for beneficial hyperoxygenation of skin tissue, is combined with an Electroporation action delivering high concentrations of active ingredients to the desired depth, and with the firming energy of Radiofrequency for general enhancement of skin quality.

This synergic stimulation renders the Oxygenation treatment more complete and more effective.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment delivers 95% pure oxygen direct to skin, remedying the “oxygen shortage”, combating skin ageing and leaving skin smoother, radiant, firm and hydrated. The revitalizing action of oxygen improves cell metabolism, favours the action of collagen fibro blasts, stimulates tissue renewal and tends to make wrinkles and fine lines less visible.

Electroporation is a physical process which increases the permeability of cutaneous tissue, facilitating the temporary formation of electropores and deep intradermal delivery. Through selection and modulation of special microcurrents, it is possible to determine the depth of penetration, also facilitating the penetration of products with a high molecular weight such as hyaluronic acid.

Ideally, the air we breathe should consist of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. Pollution tends to have a detrimental effect on these percentages so that in many cases the air is in actual fact deficient in oxygen, and this has negative repercussion on the body and tissues. This “oxygen shortage” which is created tends to favour the ageing process in tissues, resulting in skin drying out, losing tone and the formation of wrinkles.

The Oxylab Vantage method utilizes the highly concentrated cosmetic active ingredients of the X-Energy Line for optimum treatment synergy with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. The products are formulated in freeze-dried cosmetic preparations, to ensure maximum effectiveness of treatment, and just prior to application are mixed with phials of additive, serums and gels depending on the desired biological effect. The action of the active ingredients is optimized thanks to the deep intradermal delivery by electroporation and the hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Completing the Oxylab Vantage method is the RFsystem Radiofrequency. Pleasant RF energy is applied in a controlled manner to tissues. The user immediately notes an enjoyable feeling of relaxation while within skin tissue there is an intense, biologically active thermal effect. The resulting action is particularly effective in the treatment of unsightly fat and cellulite tissue, for skin firming and for general enhancement of skin quality.

The controlled application of RF energy on the face is not only pleasant, but reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (filler effect), distends facial features (lifting effect) and noticeably improves skin suppleness, enhancing compactness, tautness, tone and radiance.

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