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Pressowell Face&Body

The aesthetic blemishes of Body and Face: when the Liquids loose their balance

Most of aesthetic blemishes are often caused by a water tissue lack of balance, implying an unavoidable accumulation of liquids and waste at local level. Its outcomes are unfortunately well known: gradual “heaviness” of features, decay of skin aspect and loss of skin elasticity. Cellulite and the so-called “orange peel” skin appear while the face leaves slowly its natural definition.


The Draino-massage Pressowell Face&Body: Total and complete. In pleasure too

Pressowell Face&Body is the first draino-massage system really holistic. Its action is total, because directed to any part of the body, face included, its benefits also, because it treats effectually aesthetic blemi-shes, granting to customer all pleasure of a “rather     manual” massage. Pressowell Face&Body executes a delicate and agreeable     draining massage with “intermittent compression” on all the body (face, nape, upper limbs, waist, lower limbs) by producing a hydro-regulating action very performing in the treatment of aesthetical problems. It favours the collection and elimination of liquid and interstitial waste, helps the activity of tissue interchange, makes easy the afflux of new feeding substances, so improving the skin look.

Pressowell Face&Body is the ideal partner for an efficacious and in the meantime highly relaxing massage. Its careful computerized control of “massage pressure” for each sub-zone allows the execution of the application with very low compression values too, so improving the general pleasure of treatment.The possibility to vary the times of “pressure maintain” for each point helps a customized application approaching very much to the technique of manual massage. Its noiseless working, furthermore, guarantees the most acoustic comfort at room level.

It Reduces Fat, Cellulite and “Orange Peel” Skin

The inflatable accessories were conceived and developed to anatomically fit to different features and physical sizes. Equipped with independent sectors at physiologic compression, these accessories have an external coating of strong anti-tear material and an internal one of non-toxic and antimycotic material easy to be cleaned. The system Anatomic Presso Set Pressowell Face&Body is featured by a practical easy storage “pouch” with foldaway pipes to make easier the steps of employ and tiding up.

The key-point of Pressowell Face&Body is its holistic action. This advanced pressomassage system stands out among its like ones for its capacity to work in synergy and in contemporaneity on face and body (face, nape, upper limbs, waist, lower limbs), performing a treatment unique and really complete. Of course also all the programs for partial and localized applications are.

Base memory has got several programs (Vodder, Ascendant, Physiologic, etc.) for total treatments on face and body or partial applications according to needs. It is possible to create new customized programs by using the easy memorization system through “Memory Card”. The software and the service of assistance on line “Info System” allow easily selecting and setting up required treatments.

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