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Shapetonic RFSystem

Radiofrequency: An Intense Bioactive Energy

Radiofrequency Massage RFsystem:
 A vitality charge with a strong energy transfer

This technology is based on controlled transmission of a pleasant energy RF to tissues with following development of an intense thermal biologically active effect. The application is specially indicated in the treatment of the unaesthetic fat and cellulite body parts, in the skin toning up and in the general improvement of skin quality. At body level tissue activity and feeding are optimised, the natural process of fat burning is helped and a significant superficial toning up with “stretching effect” on the skin laxity is developed.
On the face there is an attenuation of skin folds and wrinkles (filling effect), a distension of lines and a sensible skin re-elasticising with improvement of density, tension, tone and brightness.

The project Shapetonic RFsystem: Treatment courses with Radiofrequency & Microcurrents

In the project Shapetonic RFsystem the research developed with the purpose to realize an innovative body and face application method, complete and diversified. In the “Body Treatment Courses” the transmission of the two energy forms (Radiofrequency and Microcurrents) is performed automatically by the application of special plates and adhesive electrodes. In the face treatments the Radiofrequency foresees the manual application of massage by using the fitted Energetic Handle, while the Microcurrent course is fully computer-based.

To lighten and shape: The Slimming RFsystem

The slimming routine foresees the matched application of Radiofrequency and special Microcurrents. The action synergy developed produces a series of thermal and dynamic
activities helping the natural process of fat burning by a progressively reducing, slimming and remoulding action.


For cellulite and fat mass: Radiofrequency & Electrolipolysis

Adipose and cellulite tissues absorb very well the Radiofrequency energy,so developing a positive thermo-active effect localized at the level of anti-aesthetic “cushions”. The matched action of Radiofrequency and Microcurrents of aesthetic electrolipolysis performs an efficacious attenuating lipolysis action, ideal also in the most problematic situations, reducing the fat mass volume and improving the lacking feed situation of the “cold” cellulite tissue.

For the exceeding liquids: Radiofrequency & Drain-massage

The energy of Radiofrequency together with the special Microcurrents of sequential drainmassage for the treatment of unaesthetic parts due to water imbalance of tissues and to lymphatic staunching. By this way the natural process of liquid and waste collection and elimination is helped, by reducing the volume of treated zones, aiding to optimise the tissue activity and improving the skin look too.


Tone and Shape for musculature: The pleasant high energy Electrostimulation with RF

Special method indicated in cases of muscular and skin relaxation, with
loss of tone and elasticity, and in situations of general disharmony. The new emission technique foresees the matching of the pleasant high energy Microcurrents with the biologic action of low intensity Radiofrequency, optimising the condition of elastic fibres and of support tissues by completing the toning up action at superficial level.

Face Rejuvenating & Antiage: Energetic Massage RF

A new lift to strained and relaxed face tissues, with improvement of skin trophism and skin fold and wrinkle smoothing (filling effect). The Radiofrequency Energetic Massage visibly stretches face lines by developing a “stretching effect” of aesthetical lifting. Tissues recover “volume”, tone, density and brightness for a pleasant feeling of skin freshness.

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