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X-Body Concept

X-Body Concept: the new multi-active and integrated project for treatments on Body, Breast, Gluteus and Face

The new multi-active project

The project X-Body Concept has got the most exclusive professional methods to effectively treat quite all the main aesthetical problems concerning Body, Breast, Gluteus and Face. The various forms of energy managed by the equipment are inserted into two computerized systems acting in synergy for the search of the best aesthetical result at global level:


The Vacushape System

This system uses the technology of rhythmycal decompression massage whose efficacy and pleasantness are already proved at an international level. In the system Vacushape this method is combined with other energy forms (Sono and PhotoMassage), it is suitably modulated and is applied to tissues for slimming, draining, remodelling, toning up and rejuvenating treatments.


The Subdermic Massage Vacushape: an innovative system with Rolls, Balls, Photomassage and Sonomassage

The system Vacushape introduces a new concept of Subdermic Massage based on the matched use of Rolls, Balls, of the positive energy of light (Photomassage at 638 and 904 nanometres) and of Ultrasounds (Sonomassage). The treatment protocol foresees a first automatic step, of tissue preparation, through the application of Ultrasounds (Sonomassage) to pass then to the manual massage with Rolls, Balls and Photomassage. The rolls handle generates a controlled depression by sucking the skin and forming a fold that is effectively massaged by a “rolling and unrolling” movement. In the treatments with the balls handle is used the technique of sliding massage Vacuspheres.


The Treatment Vacushape Breast & Gluteus: improvement of the Silhouette by the Expansive Gym

The method Breast & Gluteus foresees the use of special volumizating cups expressly moulded for treatments on Breast and Gluteus. Then the equipment executes automatically the massage in controlled and soft way, by sucking and decompressing rhytmycally the treated area, performing an agreeable “expansive gym”. So an improvement of the tissue firmness is got with evident volume increase of concerned parts (breast and gluteus).

The Treatment Vacushape Face: Tissue Toning Up and Rejuvenation

The application Vacushape Face helps elasticising, maintain and toning up of tissues for an agreeable effect anti-age also stimulated by the positive action of light (Photomassage). The treatment improves the surface micro-circulation and developes a soft draining water-regulating action too.


The Multienergy System

On the base of experience developed by multimethod projects in the recent years, in the system Multienergy there are inserted all the most active methods using the specific action of aesthetic Microcurrents. To optimize the treatments the agreeable and energetic Microcurrents are emitted in synergy with Ultrasounds (Sonomassage) and with light photo-stimulation (Photomassage at 638 and 904 nanometres). The application process is organized in “Treatment Courses” completely memorized and highly effective.

For a relieved and shaped line: The Slimming with Sono-Photomassage

The combined application of the Microcurrents and of Sono-Photomassage helps the burning of fats with progressively reducing, slimming and remodelling action.


To attenuate cellulite and adipose deposits: The Electrolipolysis with Sono-Photomassage

The actual lipolitic action developped by polarized microstimulations of electrolipolysis is positively matched with the vibro-mechanic ad hyperthermal massage of Ultrasounds and with the photo-rivitalization of light for a better result in the most problematic situations too.


To help elimination of exceeding liquids: The Draining Massage with Sono-Photomassage

Special draining Microcurrents are matched to sound waves (Sonomassage) and to Photomassage for the treatments of unaesthetic points due to water tissue imbalance and to lymphatic stasis. The activity of tissues is so optimized improving the skin look too.


To tone up the muscles: The Electrostimulation

Pulse electromassage technique for a toning up, elasticising and moulding action at muscular level. The agreeable toning massage foresees courses and programs special for men and women.

To reharmonize the face image: The aesthetic Micro-Lifting (optional)


Multienergy System can also be completed by the exclusive myotonologic method of aesthetic lifting attenuating wrinkles, reducing muscular fatigue, improving the expression and rejuvenating the features for a more harmonic and refined look.

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