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Oxywell Dermolift RF

Oxygen Technology equipped with all the best of antiage energies, for a 5 steps rejuvenating method.


Step 1: Dermo-Exfoliant micro-dermabrasion

To delicacy renew face tissues. The method Dermo-Exfoliant can give again life to tissues with an extraordinary delicacy. This treatment is based on two indispensable actions: intake and exfoliation. The intake helps skin stimulation improving microcirculation, oxygenation and toning up of treated tissues. During intake the skin, maintained on tension, is ready for exfoliation action and is then subjected to a delicate smoothing.

Step 2: Hyperbaric Oxygenation

Pure energy for our tissues. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment delivers pure oxygen direct to skin, remedying the “oxygen shortage”, combating skin ageing and leaving skin smoother, radiant, firm and hydrated. The revitalizing action of oxygen improves cell metabolism, favours the action of collagen fibroblasts, stimulates tissue renewal and tends to make wrinkles and fine lines less visible. To be applied in synergy with cosmeceutical products Age Repair Oxygen.


Step 3: Radiofrequency RFsystem Face

Enjoyable feeling, evident results. A pleasant energy RF is transmitted in a controlled way to tissues. User experiences immediately a pleasant feeling of relax and skin freshness while on face a biologically active thermal effect is developed. The action coming from this is specially performing for the attenuation of skin folds and wrinkles (filling effect), for the distension of features (lifting effect) and for the perceptible re-elasticising of skin with improvement of density, tension, tone and brightness.

Step 4: Non-Surgical Face Lift

To soften time marks, to re-harmonize face image. This exclusive treatment exploits the efficacy of myo-dermic massage to visibly reduce skin senescence non-aesthetic features, to attenuate tissue tiredness and to relax micro tensions causing unpleasant expression wrinkles. The method acts on face muscles developing an important action on the physiognomy. The stimulations that it develops are pleasant and relaxing and are transmitted through micro-currents, specially modulated for anti-age aesthetic use.

Step 5: Photoled Mask 638 nanometers

The power of Photoled light. This method uses the positive energy of light , given out with specific wave length at 638 nanometers, to develop a biological photo stimulating action with a progressive revitalizing effect on tissues. The treatment has been studied to act with diversifies emission modes to refresh and to reharmonize the whole face look.

Age repair oxygen

A vital power with oxygenating and energy-giving action on skin

Cosmetics X-Energy Age Repair Oxygen contain an innovative active eco-certified principle based on very pure Sea Vegetal Plankton. This active principle is composed by unicellular seaweeds which extract, store and improve the life energy output from sun light. Sea Vegetal Plankton helps oxygenating for deep skin tissue fixing the oxygen derived from sea water, for a moisturizing, toning-up and anti-wrinkles action. The Plankton, in synergy with other active principles such as Aosaine and Argireline, cooperates to the realisation of incisive anti-age solutions in rejuvenation treatment of senescent, relaxed and wrinkled skins.

Age repair moisturizing oxygen

Active Moisturizing and Nourishing Oxygen with Aosaine Ampoules intensive treatment. Matching cosmetics preparation with additive solution a performing anti-age mix is reached, which, integrated by Sea Vegetal Plankton, develops active oxygen. Aosaine extract, derived from seaweeds, has got a strongly moisturizing and nourishing effect while Allantoine performs a skin protective and lenitive action.

Active Ingredients: Sea Vegetal Plankton, Aosaine, Oryza Sativa rice powder, Allantoine.

Age repair lifting oxygen

Active Antiage Lifting Oxygen with Argireline. Ampoules intensive treatment. Matching cosmetics preparation with additive solution a powerful lifting anti-age effective mix is reached, which, integrated by Sea Vegetal Plankton, develops active oxygen. Argireline, peptide with botulinus-like action, attenuates wrinkle folds and prevents skin aging while Allantoine develops a skin protective and lenitive action

Active Ingredients: Sea Vegetal Plankton, Argireline, Oryza Sativa rice powder, Allantoine.

Active principles AGE REPAIR OXYGEN

Aosaine (Hydrolyzed Ulva Lactuca extract): It is an extract from seaweed Aosa, whose botanic name is Ulva Lactuca, growing in Britain on the cliffs of Bréhat’s archipelago. Main component of elastic fibres of this green seaweed is a protein especially rich in proline, glycine and lysine. In order to resist to waves’ force, pressing it on the rocks, it developed an efficient frame of elastic fibres strongly binding cells and so protecting their tissues from harmful effects of pressure and smashing.

Aosaine preserves the integrity of tissue elastic fibres by restraining the action of elastase, enzyme degrading the proteins of elastin and collagen. Live studies relieved the following benefits of skins treated by Aosaine-based products: inhibition of elastase enzyme with following increase of elastin and collagen, improvement of cell respiration, increase of tissue regeneration, visible reduction of wrinkles with rise of skin vitality and brightness.

Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3): It is a new cosmetics active principle of synthetic source. An anti-age hex peptide prepared to contrast the release of catecholamine contributing to the formation of wrinkles and light face expression lines. Argireline intervenes reducing the deepness of skin folds due to the contraction of face expression muscles. It is therefore an essential treatment to mitigate front, lip and eye contour wrinkles. It prevents skin aging provoked by repeated face moves and caused by too large release of catecholamine.

Allantoine is naturally in the borage plant Symphytum Officinale L., but usually the synthesis one is used. It has the look of colourless, odourless and tasteless crystals (or white powder). Allantoine, unreddening and soothing, has got a moisturizing action and the property to make easy the absorption of active principles in solution (by smoothing horny layer of epidermis, so making easy absorption). It promotes the quick proliferation of cells. It is anti-oxidizing.

Oryza sativa rice powder

Extracted from rice, it is a very good help to skin and its moisturizing, lenitive and nourishing properties.

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