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X-Wave Waterair

The treatment of Professional Depilation: an improving trend, a continuous challenge

It is really amazing to notice how much the request for professional depilation treatments has improved in these last years. Women of every age but also many men direct daily to beauty centres and ask for complete treatments; and not only directed to large areas as legs, arms, back and shoulders, but also to little dimension areas and more delicate, such as face, inguen and armpits.

And if the requests are more and more specific, our solutions are more and more fore-front and our aims more and more clear: to satisfy customer and to generate new development possibilities in the sector of professional beauty.


X-Wave WaterAir: quick, delicate, innovative

Speed and delicacy.These are the main features of the innovative system X-Wave WaterAir. With a really quick recharge time, from 1,5 seconds, it guarantees remarkable depilation performances on especially wide areas too.

Pulsated light X-Wave WaterAir, not to be mistaken with laser, exploits a strong light source with a wide emission spectrum (590 up to 980 nanometres), respecting any time skin sensitivity.

How Pulsated Light acts: Light and thermal energy. Quickest and safest weapons for an efficacious depilation

X-Wave WaterAir exploits controlled high intensity light energy that, when absorbed by hair tissues, changes itself into thermal energy that progressively and in a spontaneous way produces a depilating action (principle of selective photo-thermolysis).

Innovative technology WaterAir: All the advantages of a matched cooling!

The innovation is deduced already by the name: WaterAir, that is air and water together. A winning combination that maximizes the advantages of both cooling systems by strengthening treatment performances.
Usually the choice of a pulsated light system puts in front an inevitable crossroads: either air or water. Water systems offer a quick recharge time between an emission and the following one and an extended work time before the cooling break but are often subjected to technical troubles due to the passage of water in the shooting room. Air ones, otherwise, offer the right balance for performances, reliability and exercise costs but in the case of especially important and hard work charges they can need some cooling breaks.

WaterAir, on the contrary, synthetizes the best of both systems, by offering quick recharge times, a quite continuous work modality, a high reliability and a unique maintenance easiness. All this with reasonable purchase costs.

The advanced system WaterAir incorporates two independent areas of cooling and uses air to cool lamp and filter while water to cool the whole unit of the shooting room. In this way water does not get in touch with the lamp and its electric parts and therefore does not affect at all the emission wavelength. Flowing into a watertight compartment, water allows cooling the parts subjected to thermal stress but it is just like it was not there.

In plain words: water is there, acts but does not damage. Another advantage of WaterAir concerns the maintenance that is executed as in a normal air-cooling system.


The Advantages of the system: X-Wave WaterAir, more results, less stress for all

By X-Wave WaterAir stress and effort of classical depilation treatments are but a far memory. Work method guarantees quick, safe and comfortable applications, putting customers at their ease and does not tire operator. Its exclusive emission system allows using always the maximum light intensity and adjusting automatically the energy transferred to skin by varying the impulse duration. Treatment application is so easier, more convenient and quicker, both on large dimension areas and on smaller and more sensitive ones.


Very good results for Men and Women. Evident results already after a few applications

X-Wave WaterAir guarantees progressive performances really surprising in reduced times. Treatments are adjusted especially on the subject as well as their repetition. It is possible to reach good results already by an average of 6/10 applications .


Agreeable and visible antiaging action photorejuvenation

X-Wave is photorejuvenation too. Its delicate
bio-stimulation relaxes, tones up and re-consolidates tissues, acting against skin aging and bringing out skin. X-Wave WaterAir positively acts by approached emission of very short duration flashes, whose sequence is automatically managed by the system for progressive, efficacious and active treatments.


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