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Solutions for Body Harmony

A-Wave Remodelling

The Acoustic Wave which tones, remodels and reduces cellulite
The wave of energy that invigorates, remodels and reduces cellulite, universally recognized for its effectiveness by industry experts. A-Wave Remodeling applies the patting massage method, acoustic wave, particularly active in countering the most common bodily imperfections such as cellulite, accumulation of fluid, tissue relaxation and small fat deposits. The spread of this form of energy occurs according to the physical characteristics of the transmission rules, reflection and absorption and is therefore closely linked to the values of density and impedance of the different tissues (skin, fat, muscle, water). The Acoustic Wave is by definition "non-invasive" and penetrates easily, respecting the skin of the subject matter. From the biological point of view the massage with Acoustic Wave Remodeling works by stimulating activation of the natural processes of tissue repair. The action of patting massage Acoustic Wave produces positive effects mechanical, thermal and chemical at the tissue level. It facilitated the circulation, favored the production of collagen and returned a good tone to the skin. We are witnessing a considerable attenuation of the phenomenon of "mattress skin or orange peel", with improved compactness of the skin. The dynamics generated from treatment A-Wave Remodeling tend to improve the drainage of excess liquid with a reduction of the circumferences, stimulate a natural reduction of localized adiposity and develop a general remodeling effect of the treated areas.
The aesthetic blemishes of Body and Face: when the Liquids loose their balance

Most of aesthetic blemishes are often caused by a water tissue lack of balance, implying an unavoidable accumulation of liquids and waste at local level. Its outcomes are unfortunately well known: gradual “heaviness” of features, decay of skin aspect and loss of skin elasticity. Cellulite and the so-called “orange peel” skin appear while the face leaves slowly its natural definition.

Shapetonic RFSystem

Radiofrequency: An Intense Bioactive Energy

Radiofrequency Massage RFsystem:
 a vitality charge with a strong energy transfer

This technology is based on controlled transmission of a pleasant energy RF to tissues with following development of an intense thermal biologically active effect. The application is specially indicated in the treatment of the unaesthetic fat and cellulite body parts, in the skin toning up and in the general improvement of skin quality. At body level tissue activity and feeding are optimised, the natural process of fat burning is helped and a significant superficial toning up with “stretching effect” on the skin laxity is developed.
On the face there is an attenuation of skin folds and wrinkles (filling effect), a distension of lines and a sensible skin re-elasticising with improvement of density, tension, tone and brightness.

X-Body Concept: the new multi-active and integrated project for treatments on Body, Breast, Gluteus and Face

The new multi-active project

The project X-Body Concept has got the most exclusive professional methods to effectively treat quite all the main aesthetical problems concerning Body, Breast, Gluteus and Face. The various forms of energy managed by the equipment are inserted into two computerized systems acting in synergy for the search of the best aesthetical result at global level:


The Vacushape System

This system uses the technology of rhythmycal decompression massage whose efficacy and pleasantness are already proved at an international level. In the system Vacushape this method is combined with other energy forms (Sono and PhotoMassage), it is suitably modulated and is applied to tissues for slimming, draining, remodelling, toning up and rejuvenating treatments.