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Cerri Italy: a story of passion, beauty, innovation, for over sixty years, for the next sixty (and more)
Since its foundation in 1958, with the current President Alberto Cerri and mother Maria Zanchi Cerri, the development of technology from the start, in the Brand DNA as a passion for Beauty: souls, joining, they give life from the beginning to the Wellness Experience.
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For the spread of new aesthetic technologies, the company began participating in conventions and conferences (national and international) and organizing special training courses for the correct use of aesthetic machinery. They present brand new technology systems, such as electric muscle stimulator Reducing Selector, which automatically develop the idea of aesthetic treatment. In addition, since many estheticians perform aesthetic treatments in hotels, beauty shops, and directly to home customers, Cerri designs professional line of cosmetic devices mounted in portable plastic case.
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Already in these early years, the production company's equipment is complete and diversified. The Elite Line of Cerri is one of the choices in quality and most technologically advanced of the market. They hold lectures on the importance of lymphatic drainage as an aesthetic and wellness treatment. Cerri presents the Multivacuum Electronic, for manual and automatic application of «vuotomassaggio», and begins to design the pressomassage intermittent compression with boots.
From conception of the term «treatment methodology» to the first Wellness Center and Solarium, with the new idea of tanning indoors, through the first awards such as the Quality Award, the Gold Plaque Quality Ten-Year and the Award of Merit for Labor.
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From the technological innovations to the lines of cutting-edge Laser, through the pressomassage, computerized lymph drainage and landing Cerri Italy beyond the borders of the country, here is the story of a success of Made in Italy abroad, which began to celebrate his first decades of life: 30 years in 1988.
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The Beauty Industry was born: «Experience of Wellness» combined with the most advanced technology. And then an aesthetic facelift, treatments to streamline, drain, tone and reward such as the one for the 25th edition of Cosmoprof in 1992, up to the conquest of the South American market and the partnership with the famous center of Carolina Varela.
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The Third Millennium

The last 20 years, from 2000 onwards, see the Brand as an example of the success of Made in Italy in the world, from Japan to Canada to all major foreign markets - 30 countries and beyond in the world - thanks to the wise mix of beauty and innovation, «Heart» and Technology always at the forefront. Examples? Pulsed Light and Laser for depilation, the new Active and Avantgarde Lines, the Radiofrequency project, a new concept of pressure-massage, and also the Renergy Zone, Rejoice Zone and the Thalasso Ocean Cosmetic Line - from which the SPA Experience division was created - and the new Wellsim System.
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Meanwhile, radiofrequency becomes automatic with the Shapetonic RFSystem and the Vacutonic X-Body project (Vacutonic Subdermal Roller Massage) makes the previous subdermal roller massage systems obsolete. Following a similar growth of the brand, a new headquarters is created in Assago, in the province of Milan, while we are starting to celebrate the first half century of activity, in 2008. In these years the X-Wave WaterAir system was also born, equipped with an advanced cooling technology «Water + Air», the X-Energy Line and Oxylab Vantage, the first system that combines Oxygenation, Electroporation and Radiofrequency.
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