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Solutions for a long smooth skin

Lightsystem Laserwave

Laser efficacy, the pleasure of a smooth skin. Laser Multidiode 808 nm for Professional Hair-removal.
New Technology by 6 unfocused Laser Bars
Hair-removal method Lightsystem Laserwave is based on transformation of light into heat (selective photothermolysis). Laser energy is absorbed by hair frame and tissues and is changed into heat, increasing so follicles temperature. When temperature is high enough, you get a damage to follicle frame which reverts after some time, thanks to natural physiologic processes, reaching the target of progressive hair removal.

X-Wave Waterair

The aesthetical pulsed light, innovative, efficacious and delicate on skin

The treatment of Professional Depilation: an improving trend, a continuous challenge

It is really amazing to notice how much the request for professional depilation treatments has improved in these last years. Women of every age but also many men direct daily to beauty centres and ask for complete treatments; and not only directed to large areas as legs, arms, back and shoulders, but also to little dimension areas and more delicate, such as face, inguen and armpits.

And if the requests are more and more specific, our solutions are more and more fore-front and our aims more and more clear: to satisfy customer and to generate new development possibilities in the sector of professional beauty.