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  • Why we are here
Knowing, Communicate, Engage, Maintaining, Customer Care. And Cerri Italy Partnership. Five words plus one for You. A constant scientific research, at the center of its undertaking, Your Beauty and Your Wellbeing, for an unforgettable Wellness Experience.

K as "Knowing" means a scientific and technological research, who accompanied Cerri Italy brand since its inception, and now more than ever is genetically distinctive trait of the way we look at the beauty and well-being. The Beauty Side Of Science, «the Beautiful Side Of Science», «the other point of view» where to position themselves for the right steps to ensure you beauty, health, balance inside and out.
C as "Communicate", conveying its message, its core values, the belief, our Values. But also, simply, to keep open the thread of dialogue with the network, your network of contacts, friends, Partner: in a fruitful and productive dialogue, starting from this but looking to our future together.
E as "Engaging": to create, in this way, engagement with your contacts-friends network, online and offline. Communicating the message that Cerri Italy believes to have inside his head and his heart does not want to be an end in itself, but rather aims to intercept Your attention, your «utility», in the noblest sense of the word: that is, to help you, 'aid', both in daily life as the big challenges - in maintaining the beauty, wellness, health every day as well as a wellness Experience that will transform your life in an unforgettable way.
M stands for "Maintaining": taking constant care of their partners, their contacts-friends network, online and offline, being for them - for you - the professional who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and racing to repair the leaky faucet, even at Christmas if needed. And the quality of a service that is not for us to just "work" but life mission.
And so "C" also stands for Care, Customer Care: the "Care" understood as Caring and Social Caring, customer service, offline and now also on the Internet, through the Internet, which must be all the more professionally flawless the more the customer is seen as a friend. Being friendly is not in conflict but, rather, is combined with a constant help that wants to solve your life 360 degrees. Well you would, otherwise, not to listen to me, unless we’re not able to solve your problem that has long unsolved.
Above all, in a synthesis that gives new meaning to everything, "C" stands for Cerri Italy: our C for You, our brand, in its fundamental strategy - a value, the value - «Cerri Italy Partnership» . We propose different solutions to our partners, tailored for them. With the RentWell solution, for example, the monthly installment is commensurate to use. The formula Cerri Partnership offers you unrivaled success: technology Pay Per Use, Innovative equipment, training courses and many other activities designed to make you reach the maximum satisfaction with the brand Cerri Italy.