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Our Story

Cerri Italy: the story of a successful Made in Italy in the name of quality. For over 60 years for the next 60 (and more): together
The story of Cerri Italy is a success story of the Made in Italy, gained in over sixty years of commitment. Founded in 1958, the company has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of professional equipment for Beauty Centers, Pharmacies, Dental Studies, SPA and Beauty Farm. From the initial growth in the domestic market, it continued to expand internationally, creating a network of partners and distributors in various markets worldwide.
Merit of the values that supported the Mission and our brand philosophy: Innovation, Excellence, Loyalty. Today our products are present in more than 30 countries and used daily by thousands of professional operators. Every week our methodologies live the forefront of the scene somewhere in the globe: Dubai, where Cerri Italy is often the protagonist in events such as the famous trade fair Beauty World Middle East , or Toronto, the local trade fair, or Belgrade, where we opened the first Center Wellslim System Serbia.
We are entrepreneurs by three generations: first the paternal grandmother Maria, then Alberto Cerri, founder and currently president of the company, and finally the "new generation", represented by the Managing Director Franco Cerri. The History of Cerri Italy is the Entrepreneurial story of a passionate family of Beauty, of their work and of their creations. In Italy and abroad there are still many people who remember with affection and esteem Maria Cerri, who after the war began our history starting from the chemical. Cerri Italy, in fact, took its first steps into the cosmeceutical industry.
In 1958, from an idea of Alberto Cerri, the boot "Technology Division" was born, with production and design of those who at the time were called "for aesthetic apparatus": the beginnings of what would become the field of medicine Beauty, of Beauty, Welfare, of Cosmetics. A successful reality that undoubtedly our family has helped to create, expand and consolidate. Today we see ourselves as a Group which develops systems, exclusive methods and treatments, where the device concept has greatly evolved into scientific methodology to get the best aesthetic result.
The corporate culture of Cerri Italy is reflected in the design and production uncompromising commitment, which allows you to fully understand the technical and aesthetic requirements of the client. Our machines are considered "treatment" and every effort to strive for maximum satisfaction and professional operator or end user's methods. We use to communicate that we design methods, not machines: a unique business philosophy of its kind, which translates into advanced products difficult to compare with those of the competition. Making a working method means directing research on scientific practical knowledge of the biological effects that the various energies can produce in tissues and consequently the aesthetic results that can be achieved.
A-Wave Technology
When our researchers develop a new technology, they have a great teacher: the Experience. Behind each of our system there is always a strong idea. Nothing is left to chance and the design process begins with the creation of a working group composed by the union of our internal researchers - the factor 'Experiential' - and the best specialists available in terms of aesthetics, technical and scientific university - Innovation, new knowledge. From the mix of skills and viewpoints so it was born a unique design approach, able to release synergies of the highest level, that result in forward-looking products and methods, which can ensure great competitive advantage to us as well as distributors and users and end users. Our working methods work well if the knowledge applied to research allow us to fully understand all the possible mechanisms of action at the tissue level, bringing to develop application protocols that ensure the achievement of the desired results.
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A journey through history, our story, Your and Yours, from 1958 to the present. With an eye to the future: innovation in tradition, for new challenges to be faced and overcome every time. Together.