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Our Values

  • What we believe
Authenticity, Reliability, Friendship, Vanguard: Our Ethics in four words. Yesterday and today, for tomorrow together
A as Authenticity, Transparency: You have to be transparent, clear and crystalline as fresh mountain water. Authenticity is a priority value every company should have to go beyond itself and its mandate, looking to the future. We’re always searching for the loyalty to our identity. We are as you see. Cheat on you? Impossible
R as Reliability, always being worthy of your trust: not an image, but in essence the trust the client, or potential, can and must always place in the company. For good reason, however. The brand has to work every day and commit to deserve your trust and confidence.
F as Friendship: from us to you, to each of you. Cerri Italy wants to be for you true friend: the ones that take you by the hand, you come to take even at four in the morning if you're in bypass and call it desperate because you’ve a big problem! Those, in short, who give their lives for you and bring you in the game until you've solved every possible problem. Not easy customer but Partner. Your joy is our joy: your failure to satisfy every challenge for us is to improve and create for you an unforgettable experience with our world.
V as Vanguard: the most advanced technology at your service, not as an end in itself, but in order to satisfy more and better Your needs. The Beauty Side Of Science: mix of beauty and hi-tech, passion and rationality of an innovation - ever mindful of its past, present and rooted in today more than ever – who remains faithful to its identity and keeps our gaze toward tomorrow, for new achievements made in Italy and, above all, to give you a memorable Wellness Experience.