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  • The way we look at the world of beauty: another perspective
The Beauty Side Of Science. The beauty of today, tomorrow's solutions
Beauty, Youth, Rejuvenation. The face, in the philosophy Cerri Italy, is the focal point: the skin should be beautiful, smooth, firm, soft, relaxed. And then there is our body with a smooth skin to keep it that long, without irritation or imperfections, a smooth and toned silhouette, thanks to a localized slimming and constant toning. For all this, there is the answer given by the market today: a traditional market, which returns an immediate response to certain requirements, but with a temporary result, too limited in time. It is an excellent solution: we think of the traditional cosmetics industry. But there is another point of view: rather, the "other" point of view. And the so-called Organic Effect: it’s to start from the body and its location, managed by the three sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
A similar pattern also implies a time and procedures established towards the ideal balance. To ensure the result, we must look to a metabolic change, a real change. It is not, therefore, to "give" or "doing" on behalf of the body, but to induce it to change, supported by science. The expert of the case then decides not to guarantee the result, but the way ad hoc according to the current situation, the lifestyle and the objective to obtain. Cerri Italy for over sixty years is searching for scientific methods and biological solutions for beauty results, youth and rejuvenation that are visible, concrete and lasting.
Our commitment in the decades has always been guided by this vision: a Lateral Thinking, as the Maltese psychologist Edward de Bono used to say, which aims to solve logic problems (the so-called problem solving) with a particular approach, the observation of the problem from different angles, in contrast with the traditional mode, which provides for the concentration of a direct solution to the problem. Specifically, our ultimate goal was always to create an organic effect, taking as inspiration the behavior of the body, with devices which, using biomimetic energy and compatible with the body, could accelerate the cell regeneration times, obtaining easily the desired objective.
Utility and simplicity in achieving result that last over time: these are the characteristics of our project. Anti-aging and body harmony, together with the beauty of the skin elasticity and tone, become fundamental for the inner and outer balance of the woman (and not only). No diets do-it-yourself, with temporary results without following nor stability. We aim rather to the result, entrusting to science: chemistry, physics and biology. The three disciplines lead to a secure way to the long-term balance of the body, with a real change of the organic metabolism and, therefore, the stability of the achieved objectives.
In this sense, our business culture does not speak of "machinery" but of "methods of treatment". All efforts are designed to seek maximum satisfaction both professional operator or end user. Before coming to the market, our treatment methods are tested, scrupulously studied by researchers and business consultants, to ensure the aesthetic results in the manner and time stipulated in the application protocol. On new lines, in fact, the innovative technology combines content out of the ordinary and a great attention to detail, for new quality and aesthetic standards in the wellness industry. The quality becomes so noticeable at first glance, and avant-garde design suggests a nice professional image of wellness and beauty.
Here's what Cerri Italy wants to be for you: a brand, a family, making sure that welcomes you. In the future we will see together, Authentic, Reliable, Friends but always Vanguard, through a path of knowledge and research never finished: involving you by taking care, taking us care for you and assisting you, as Cerri Italy does it always for and with its Partners.