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You. Your Stories

  • You, our partners, our «customer-friends»: here is the real strength of Cerri Italia

Our history would be nothing without your history, your testimony. Here are your stories, the narrations of the experience of Beauty, Wellness, Health, that you had with Cerri Italia: but also, more generally, that experience, that episode, that story became history in your mind and in your heart because it changed your life. Or, at least, it made you feel good: for a second or forever. This space is therefore really only and only Yours. Or, if you allow us, "our". Tell us your story: let us know what you think of us! The most beautiful phrases, stories and photos will be published in our blog. Here a taste!

And now the word to you!

«My story of wellness and joy with Cerri Italia? The story of love at first sight,  born for me immediately towards the company and the whole team, growing every day for six months now and that, without a doubt, will last forever».

«Our experience with Cerri Italia has been fantastic, from a human and professional point of view. Their latest laser is among the top on the market: with clear and fast results, making customers happy, which, thanks to word of mouth, become our first advertisement».

«Franco was always a visionary, leading Cerri in the right direction. A lot of success in further work… Greetings from Belgrade».

«Cerri Italia’s machines stand out for their real effectiveness. A serious company that helps us beauticians give customers high-level services».

«The beauty and rejuvenation market is constantly expanding. Thanks to Cerri Italia I can support the skin where it shows its deficiencies».

«With this new technology I can guarantee an immediate result, as my customers want, but lasting over time. It does not weigh on your wallet and … I also use it on me!».

«I already take care to restore beauty to my patients through their smile: I cannot neglect the value of a captivating look, a radiant face. It also applies to men».

«I use the Oxyled method a lot, a self-treatment based on oxygen and a LED mask, which does not include a beautician or a license. And the results are amazing».

«When I see that my beauty center is using the Cerri Italia cosmeceutical, when I even hear my primary care physician recommend me... I have no more doubts. It is worth putting yourself on another, "on the other" point of view!».
Francesca Costanzi

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Join us!

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